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Clarabelle is giving us a sneak peek at some of her upcoming Cattlelog goodies. Remember, some of these items will be available for a limited amount of time so act fast and start saving those Jellybeans!

These are the most dedicated Toons in Toontown! They went above and beyond the call of duty by defeating the most Cogs in the month of August.
  1. Poodlemuffin
  2. Good ol' Zany Sparklegoober
  3. moussy
  4. Doctor Zigzag
  5. Loopy Rocco Wondergoober
  6. JJ Mouse
  7. Lady Melody
  8. Little Dee Dee
  9. Spirit of Fooldom
  10. Lady Sparkleton

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Seeking Deputy Snappy McFuddy
I'm very sorry about what happened at that 4 story Bossbot building in The Brrrgh. I know I asked you to teleport to me but when you got there those other Toons got in the elevator. I tried to tell them "Sorry, no thank you, "Please go away." But they just wouldn't go. I should have left with you, but I needed really needed to defeat The Big Cheese. I know you think I stink, but please take me back on your friends list!
- Little Fluffy Feathertoes

Chic New Toon in Town
Eye-catching Toon with style, intelligence, and love of the arts seeks successful single Toon with warmth, charm and lots of gags. Let's take over Cog buildings and share stimulating SpeedChat conversation and all that makes Toon life worth living. Call me from your estate, you know the number (it's the only one you can dial).
- Clarabelle