If you don't know who Clarabelle is, you’re out of the loop. She's the latest, hottest designer of Toon
clothes and accessories. We caught up with Clarabelle at the House of Bad Pies in Toontown Central to see what makes this curvaceous country cow tick.

Q: You are still relatively new to Toontown, what do you think so far?
A: Oh, I just love the hustle and bustle of the big city. Country life was just so limiting creatively – no one understood my unconventional fashion sense. The residents of Toontown have really embraced my chic!

Q: Where do you like to shop?
A: The Trim the Nail Boutique has a great selection from some of my favorite designers: Toony Hilfiger, Pierre LeQuack, and Donatoona Versace. Mermaid Swimwear is the only place for beach fashion and Salmon Chanted Evening Formal Wear in Donald's Dock has beautiful things. Blackbeard's Beauty Parlor is the best place in town to get your ‘do do’ed.

Q: What are some of your best selling items?
A: Acting lessons have been surprisingly popular. The tall lamp is probably the hottest single item we have right now. Toons love T-shirts, and those are also selling very well.

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  2. Silly Cuddles Funnymuffin
  3. Usako
  4. Peppertooth
  5. DLite
  6. Moe Superspeed
  7. Lady Petunia
  8. Blue Cat
  9. Dippy Dinky Dizzydoodle
  10. Appleton

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