Toon Estates -- At this time of year the Sea Horse are spreading throughout the ponds and many species are available such as the Rocking Sea Horse and the Clydesdale Sea Horse, so it pays to cover water and find fish. These guys are heavy so make sure to use a gold rod.

Donald's Dock -- The Cutthroat Trout are biting best with twig rods. Five Jellybeans seems to do the trick.

Minnie's Melodyland -- Most native species have been fairly active in the last few weeks. The Piano Tuna continue to bite well on steel rods. The very rare Baby Grand Piano Tuna and the extremely rare Grand Piano Tuna seem to be most attracted to gold rods, but are still tough to catch.

The Brrrgh -- Most Bear Acuda have been coming from current breaks around the lake. The Polar Bear Acuda and Honey Bear Acuda have been particularly active. Hardwood rods work well for most lightweight species of these burly beasts.

These are some dedicated Toons -- They completed the most ToonTasks in the month of September!

  1. Queen Sparklemuffin
  2. Zippy Zippenzapper
  3. Trixie Trickytoon
  4. Queen Bingo
  5. Zowie Wildtoon
  6. Sir Wacko Wackyboom
  7. Max Cheezypocket
  8. Bubbles Purpleberry
  9. Little Daffy Flipperquack
  10. Little Lily Lemontoes

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