Howdy partners! Y'all better shake your tail feathers and start saving some jellybeans because Cattlelog Series Four is about to come out with Old West themed furniture, clothes, SpeedChat phrases, and more. Happy Trails!

These Toons defeated the most Cogs in the month of April! Way to go Toons!

  1. Purpleswirl
  2. Good ol' Cuddles Fiddletoon
  3. Lady Salty
  4. Tall Dlite
  5. stormy
  6. Loosy Goosy
  7. Little Penny Twinkletwist
  8. Cuddles
  9. Princess Huddles Dizzenquack
  10. Loud Huey Flippenbrains

Toons of the World Unite!
Attention all Toons! It has come to the attention of the Toon Council that Mr. Hollywood is planning a mega-invasion for Memorial Day weekend. Load up on gags and get ready to bombard that smarmy Sellbot with the best gags you have.

The Fishing Tournament was a big success - thanks to the thousands of Toons who participated! The 15 top fisher-Toons and winners of a Toontown T-shirt will be announced on Friday, May 21. Stay Tooned to!

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