Dear Toontown Citizens,

It has come to the attention of the Toon Council that since the opening of Sellbot HQ, the playgrounds have been swamped with sad Toons. These Cogs have really put a damper on our fun, so the Toon Council, Toon HQ, and the shopkeepers have banded together to organize a revolt. The next time you visit a Toon HQ officer or shopkeeper for a ToonTask, you may be asked to take Sellbot HQ head-on; recover Cog Suit parts, defeat Cogs, Skelecogs, and the factory, or even defeat the V.P. Expert Toons should start training because you may be asked to help lower Laff Toons. You will be rewarded for your efforts with Laff point boosts! It is of utmost importance that all Toons do their part to crush those Cogs! Good luck!

Toon Council President

These Toons went above and beyond the Toon call of duty and defeated the most buildings in the month of February!

  1. Deputy Buford
  2. Little Stephy Wonder Girl
  3. Captain Domino Bagelbump
  4. Miss Lily
  5. Sir Stinky
  6. Super Tricky Funnyzapper
  7. Princess Bubbles
  8. Chester Rufflepop
  9. Princess Rosie
  10. Queen Fluffy Giggletoes

It's your lucky day! Clarabelle's
St. Patrick's Day collection is now available in your Cattlelog. These items will shamrock your world!

This Saturday, March 20, starting at midnight Pacific time, for 24 hours, Toons who compete in Trolley games will be rewarded! Winners will be broken down by neighborhood and by four categories:

  • The most games played
  • The most games played in a group - playing with the same Toons multiple times, counts
  • The most perfect scores
  • The most beans earned
First-place Toons in each category and for each neighborhood will receive a Toontown poster and 1000 jellybeans; second and third-place Toons win 100 jellybeans. Good luck!