Mysterious new fish have been spotted in the ponds of Toontown. “20 brand-new species have been discovered in the last few days. This is extremely exciting for fishing enthusiasts like me,” says Ted Tackle, a Donald’s Dock shopkeeper. “I even heard Toon HQ will be issuing two more fishing trophies!”

As all Toons know, for each 10 species caught, a new fishing trophy is rewarded. There were already 50 known species - the addition of the new 20 means that Toons can now earn up to seven total fishing trophies. For each trophy, a Laff point is also awarded, so now Toons can advance their Laff limit by seven total points just for fishing!

These Toons recovered the most Cog buildings in the month of May – way to go!

1. Miss Violet
2. Good ol' Snappy Bumblebee
3. Dinky Flippengoose
4. Mac Gilli Kitty
5. Princess Rainbow
6. Sweetie
7. Princess Petunia Thunder-
8. Silly Sammie Sparklesnout
9. barb
10. kalan

Once again Toontown will be patriotic this 4th of July! Start saving your beans to buy the flag and fireworks t-shirts and coordinating shorts and skirts from Clarabelle’s Cattlelog. Don’t miss the different fireworks displays in each of the playgrounds every hour on the hour from July 1 through July 16!

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