It's summertime and Toontown is heating up with fireworks! Now through July 15 fireworks are going off every hour on the hour in the playgrounds. There are different shows in each playground, so make sure to catch them all. Click here to play now and check out the show!

Toons all over Toontown are awaiting the arrival of Clarabelle's Catalog so they can stock up on the latest fashion apparel. Hoodies, sneaks and tees are in high demand with the Toon youth, while skirts and frills are all the rage with Toon women. "Pink and purple are definitely the hot colors for the ladies this season," says Clarabelle herself. "The men just can't seem to get enough of orange and are still loyal to their denim." Dogs, Horses, Ducks and the like are anxiously awaiting the opening of the phone lines at Clarabelle's later this summer.

These Toons modeled Clarabelle's summer line at her fashion show at Catchy Toon Apparel in Minnie's Melodyland last Thursday. Paris Hiltoon and Toony Hilfiger were in attendance.

These are the most dedicated Toons in Toontown! They went above and beyond the call of duty by playing longest in the month of June.
  1. Mister Dynocrump
  2. Crazy Daphne
  3. Cool Boo Boo Trickyphew
  4. Jesse Joe
  5. Mildew Cheezyglop
  6. chatty
  7. Winky
  8. Lollipop Fiddlesticks
  9. Binky
  10. Sir Dudley

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