Grab your friends, because eight Toons can battle the Sellbot Senior V.P. together! Press the Insert key to throw pies. You can only damage the V.P. by hitting him with pies when he is down. Aim for the sweet spot -- the box area under the body between the big tank treads. Each pie you hit him with knocks him back a bit. You can control how hard you throw by holding down the key and watching the power meter onscreen. It's hard, but don't give up! Remember that you can jump using the CTRL button on your keyboard.

Even if you defeat the Senior V.P., when he detects that you are really a Toon he blows off your Cog Disguise. In that process a few pieces are often lost or damaged. You will need to recover them in the factory and earn another promotion before facing the next V.P. Good luck!

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These Toons recovered the most buildings from the Cogs in the month of December!

  1. cutiepie
  2. Crazy Bonzo Biggenmuffin
  3. Crazy Winky
  4. Noisy Wilbur
  5. Fireball
  6. Mister Frinkelpuff
  7. Sam
  8. Superwig
  9. Princess Cricket Crinklenose
  10. Miss Pancake Poppenpuff

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You must collect all Cog disguise parts from the factory and earn enough merits before you will gain access to the Sellbot HQ building. Use your Shticker book to track your progress.