Clarabelle’s new underwater-themed wallpapers, furniture, and
T-shirts are sure to make a splash with your friends. Don’t be a drip; start flooding your bank with beans now to save up for these cool new items!

These Toons are helping clean up the ponds of Toontown -- they caught the most boots in the month of January! Good work!

  1. Cyrus of Purrsia
  2. Princess Cuddles
  3. Poppy Sparkletoon
  4. Baron Tricky McKlunk
  5. stormy
  6. Taffy Bumberfoot
  7. Mr Chase SquashAbug
  8. Princess Maxie
  9. Jellyroll Jeepersocks
  10. Candy McSwirl

These Toons are doing their part to help save Toontown from the Cogs! They have recruited the most new Toons. Thanks for your help!

1. Papa
2. Super Raven Dandyseed
3. crazy rex

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Thanks to all Toons who submitted valentines! The panel of judges is overwhelmed by the amount of imaginative entries and is carefully reviewing the originality, humor, and Tooniness of each one. The winners will be announced on Friday, February 27. Stay Tooned to!

Do your part to help save Toontown and win! On February 21 and 22, be part of the Toon Task Force! Toons will be divided into four categories -- those who can carry one task, two tasks, three tasks, and four tasks -- to compete to finish the most tasks in 48 hours. The Top Toons in each category will win a Toontown trading card binder and 1,000 jellybeans. The second- and third-place winners will each win 500 jellybeans. Winners will be announced on Friday, February 27. Good luck!

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