Issue 5, July 29, 2003

All of the hard work on Cog HQ is starting to come together. We have started creating the interiors of the factory buildings. Each factory will house assembly lines where the Cogs are being manufactured. Toons will be sent on Cog part recovery missions to the factories in effort to stop the Cogs before they can propeller off into Toontown.

As we mentioned in the first issue of Backstage, Toons will work their way through each building, past a series of obstacles -- up and down elevator lifts, across conveyor belts, through doors -- while dodging heavy Cog-building machinery. We are in the process of building the obstacles within the factories and starting to get an idea of how the Toons will navigate their way through.

Robots in their pre-Cog state without their business suits will patrol the streets of Cog HQ.


In effort to go undetected by Cogs, you will need to think, act, and look like a Cog. To do that you will wear a Cog suit and travel in disguise. New tasks will be assigned for you to recover the pieces. Various Cog parts -- arms, legs, feet, etc -- will be acquired at the final battle in each factory when you will come to blows (or rather pies) with the big-boss-Cog.

Your Toon body will be replaced by the suit, with your head and name still showing. View Video

Once all of the pieces have been found and your suit is complete, you will be able to gain access to the very well guarded main headquarters building. Don't even think about trying to go in without your suit: security cameras will spot you and Cog Goons will drag you right out the door.

Thank you for following up on the Cog HQ development. We are extremely excited about the progress so far and will continue to keep you updated on its evolution from concept to full-on Toontown neighborhood.

- The Toontown Development Team

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