Issue 4, June 18, 2003

This issue of Backstage puts the focus on fishing! Once just a relaxing easy way to pass time in the playground, fishing will now require precision and expertise -- not to mention gadgets aplenty and bonus healing power!

Our artists are designing a whole slew of new creatures to swim in the ponds. Models are currently being built for some of the new fish species. Once a fish has been caught, you can choose whether to throw it back in the water or take it to your estate to keep as a pet. You will even be able to take a dip with your new fishy friends.

We are considering making fishing a bit of a game in itself, so that your fishing skills will sharpen with practice. The more you fish, the better you get. Just like the ice cream cones, catching fish will heal you faster after a challenging Cog encounter.

And what would any sport be without lots of doodads? We are currently designing new rods, lures, and bait to be purchased through the weekly catalogs. Specific rods, lures, and bait will attract certain fish. Some fish will be more rare than others and the rarer the fish, the more healing power it will have.

As always, we are continuing to try to make Toontown as rich and entertaining as it can be. We hope you are having as much fun playing in Toontown as we are building it!

- The Toontown Development Team

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