Issue 3, June 2, 2003

Welcome to a new issue of Back Stage. So much is going on with the new emotions, housing, and expert tasks that it seems impossible for any more to possibly fit into the Toon-i-verse. But there is more -- so much more! Now there are catalogs where you can buy cool new items to spice up your Toon lifestyle and décor.

Now that every Toon has his or her own house all the fun stuff will have to be purchased, so you have to check out these catalogs! You'll receive a new issue filled with must-have items each week, delivered right to your mailbox. By the way, did we mention every house will have its own mailbox and phone?

Toons will be able to browse the catalog over the phone, with an operator, for goodies big and small.

Once an item has been selected for purchase, the operator will place an order and the required amount of jelly beans will be deducted from your bank. Large items will take longer for delivery -- some things are heavy, so please be patient!

As new featured items appear each week, older items will become available on backorder. New super-cool big-ticket items such as a fishing pier, an entire themed bedroom set, a wacky fireplace, a bathtub bed, or an organ piano will be available roughly once a month. Smaller goodies such as chairs, end tables, and wallpaper will be on sale more frequently. You can even buy portraits of your Toon pals to hang on the wall! So make sure to save up -- those big-ticket items will cost you big piles of jelly beans, but trust us, they're worth it!

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