Issue 2, April 30, 2003

This issue provides a sneak peek into the Toon housing and estates. We are still in the conceptual stages, so designs and functionality will probably change as this project evolves, but we want to give the players and fans the inside scoop on what's coming next. A word to the wise: start saving those jelly beans!

Toon Estates Current Design

Each Toontown account will have an estate - this is where the individual Toon houses for that account will live. The estates will be huge, and in the future, we'll make them expandable. The houses themselves will be small but will also have the ability to be upgraded and expanded in the future.

There will be a whole slew of things to do in your new home - you'll be able to play new games, stash your jelly beans in a private bank, use your jelly bean collection to purchase goodies for your humble abode, and keep a wardrobe of fashionable Toony clothes in your closet. More importantly, it's a safe haven, like the playground, where you can heal and rest-up after difficult battles. No COGS allowed here!

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