Issue 1, February 20, 2003

Cog Headquarters is shaping up to be a much larger design than originally anticipated. The team is incredibly excited to finally be working on Cog HQ. We think we will have some really new and engaging experiences to offer when everything is complete.

Current Design

The story concept centers on the Cogs taking Toon prisoners. The Cogs have created permanent embankments on the outskirts of Toontown and are capturing and holding storekeeper Toons hostage. Groups of Toons will need to battle their way through numerous complex and unique areas to reach the final confrontation and rescue the captured Toons.

Current Status

High-level game design is just about finished and we are starting to work on concept art and blocking models for some of the larger elements that will make up Cog HQ. We will start mocking up

some of the more experimental game play systems soon, and release them to the test server when we have something solid enough. We will be updating this section periodically in the upcoming months with more details and screenshots of Cog HQ as they are available.

Cog Headquarters will not actually be one building, but rather an entire neighborhood in itself. Outside the main HQ building will stand factories that create the Cogs. Pictured above is a screenshot of a blocking model of the "Arm Factory". Toons will be able to group up and enter the factories to battle Cogs inside.

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