Have those Fishing tasks got you down? Are you in search of new activities to earn laff points? Fisherman Fred can help!

Dear Fisherman Fred,
I was at my Toon estate, fishing in my pond. I stood on the dock, hit “Cast,” and tried to reel in a fish. But nothing happened! I left empty-handed. Do the fish just not like my bait? What gives?

Frustrated & Fishless

Dear Frustrated & Fishless,
Patience is a virtue! The fish in the ponds don’t get hungry on your clock; you must wait for them to nibble. If you start luring in the reel before the fish bite, you will be sure to end up empty-handed every time. Stay focused and I promise you will be reeling them in no time.

Dear Fisherman Fred,
I can get the fish to nibble, but then I lose them! Please help!

Empty Handed

Dear Empty Handed,
Make sure to reel in the fish by turning the crank in the direction of the arrows at the proper speed. If you go too fast the fish will not have time to adjust to the change in water pressure. If you go too slowly, your catch will eat and run (or in this case swim). Good luck!

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  9. Aqua Dog
  10. Prof. Kippy Fumblequack

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