2002 preview screenshots

Last updated: 2/22/2020

It has come to my attention that there exist multiple preview screenshots from 2002. So i grabbed them. (Fun Fact: Half of them were taken from a Blogspot blog that posted these in 2005)

There are a bunch of these screenshots that have some interesting changes. I will only comment about the screenshots that have the most differences. If you want to see the other screenshots, scroll all the way down to the bottom! With that said, come along and dive in!

The first image shows an early Toontown Central. While the layout is basically finished, there is a couple of early things in this image, such as the beta speech bubble and a name with lowercase letters (ocTrevor).

This image shows an early friend request prompt. Instead of being small, and placed next to the friends list icon, it's very big and placed in the middle of the screen.

The next image shows a conversation with a NPC. Back in the beta days, Cogs used to have the capitalization COGS.

This image shows the early first floor in a building with boilers. Surprisingly, the old first floor can still be found in the 2013 files, with only a few textures showing up corrupted. The noteworthy thing about beta Cogs is that they used to have a life bar in the beta, instead of the light on their torso, that was implemented later on.

This next image shows the different placement of the GUI items of the battle menu. The toon laff meters used to be placed a bit more towards the gag selection screen, and the life bars for the Cogs are more noticeable.

The last image showcases early SpeedChat, known as SpeedTalker in the beta (and ToonTalker for a period of time). There seem to be less categories of phrases available, and the "I'll be right back." phrase was under ToonTasks for an unknown reason.

And finally, we have the other screenshots!

Thanks for reading this article! The next article will cover the Toontown France textures, that have been recently uploaded!

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