Old beta images from SWF files: Part 2

Last updated: 9/14/2018

Sadly, this time there aren't a lot of interesting photos. Looks like this SWF file was made back in 2003 or so. I will still try to showcase some cool photos tho.


This photo showcases a semi-finished Toontown Central. There are some things missing from the 2013 TTC and maybe even the 2003 TTC. It seems like the fountain and the schoolhouse are missing and there is a statue too.

The next photo showcases the 2003 fishing in action. As pointed out in the first article, the fishing from 2003 was based on a crank mechanic, not like the click and drag mechanic that was added later on. The 2003 fishing also had a different camera angle.

The last photo showcases a more finished Toontown Race Game. This photo is only added for comparison to the Toontown Race Game image from the previous article.

Not the longest or most informative article this time, but i had to deliver our promise on a part 2. In the end, there were a lot of interesting photos in these 2 SWF files that showcase how Toontown has really changed. I hope you enjoyed reading and learning about these beta screenshots!

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