Unpacking the Toontown Online files from 2003

Last updated: 2/21/2020

As you may know already, Toontown Online has changed quite a bit during it's 10 to 12 years of existence.

And with that comes a lot of old files that haven't been used for around 14 to 15 years. Why don't we take a look at them?

Before we get to the assets, here's some info about them.

Toontown uses something called a .mf file for their phase files (which store all in-game assets).

A .mf file is a Panda3D multifile, so you need the Panda3D engine SDK to be installed on your computer in order to extract the .mf file.

The extraction is easily done by installing Panda3D, right clicking on a .mf file and clicking Extract Here. Alternatively, you can use Command Prompt to navigate to the folder where the .mf file is located and use the necessary command.

There are 2 different commands related to extracing and repacking .mf files.

multify.exe -x -f extracts the mf file as a folder.

multify.exe -c -f filename will repack the folder (filename) as a .mf file ( for anything Panda3D related. This is currently the only known way to repack a folder into a .mf file.

Enough with the boring tech talk, let's get to the assets!


First, we have a bunch of images called login_palette_3clla_1.jpg, login_palette_4alla_1.jpg and login_palette_4alla_2.jpg.

They look like they were used for some sort of in-game membership payment.

Then, there are some early fishing textures. The original fishing system, present in the game's initial release, was different and based more on a crank mechanic, where you have to click and hold and spin the crank, instead of the drag and release mechanic that replaced it.

These files are called neighborhood_common_palette_4alla_1.jpg and fishing_crank.jpg. The only difference between them is neighborhood_common_palette_4alla_1.jpg being a more empty version of fishing_crank.jpg.

There seem to be some beta Make-A-Toon textures left over, as seen in makeatoon_palette_4alla_1.jpg, makeatoon_palette_4alla_2.jpg and makeatoon_palette_4alla_3.jpg.

Here's the beta Make-A-Toon for comparison:

And here are the aforementioned beta textures:

Next up, is some early GUI material, one of them being more beta material, as the chatbar on the second image is similar to a beta screenshot's chatbar.

These files are named gamegui_palette_4alla_1.jpg and gamegui_palette_4alla_3.jpg.

For comparison, here's the aforementioned Beta 1 screenshot:

Although there are minor differences, the chatbar has an identical layout.

Pluto was originally going to be placed in The Brrrgh, and he even was in the game in one of the betas, but was later cut. It's uncertain if he was still in the 2003 version, but all of his textures, models and animations are still in the files. The textures in question are called pluto_pupil.jpg, plutoEyesClosed.jpg, plutoEyesOpen.jpg, pluto_palette_2tmla_1.jpg (a more empty version of pluto_pupil.jpg) and pluto_palette_3cmla_1.jpg.

And finally, here are some miscellaneous textures. They are called tutorial_battle_props_palette_4amla_1.jpg (unknown purpose), suit_interior_palette_4amla_1.jpg (used for the early first floor of Cog buildings) and quarter_keyboard.jpg (most likely used for the later cut Merry-Go-Round in Minnie's Melodyland).


There are a few sound effects related to water. These are called AV_foostep_walkloop_water.mp3 and AV_footstep_runloop_water.mp3.



It's unknown what their original purpose was.

Next up, we have some unused battle GUI sound effects. They are called GUI_battlerollover.mp3 and GUI_battleselect.mp3.



There seem to also be beta Make-A-Toon sound effects. GUI_create_toon_art.mp3 was used for coloring your Toon, GUI_create_toon_bodyshop.mp3 for selecting your Toon species/body type and GUI_create_toon_store.mp3 for clothing.




There are lighting sound effects left in the game files. There was no Zap/Lighting gag track in the game, but these could have been used for something else that was scrapped. The sound effects are called lightning_1.mp3, lightning_2.mp3 and lightning_3.mp3 (which is the same sound effect as lightning_1.mp3).



There are also some Cog-related sound effects. These could have either been used for the Cogs themselves or for the Toon Cog suits in Sellbot HQ. It's unknown if they were ever used, but they are re-used for the Toon Cog suits in Toontown Offline.









And finally, here are some Minnie's Melodyland sound effects that are theoretically from the Minnie's Match minigame.



And that, is all of the unused/scrapped stuff i was able to find and detect. Thank you so, so much for reading the entire first article for ToontownDB! Hope you enjoyed reading it through!

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