Hello. If you made it here through a direct link, i'd just like to let you know that the mods will no longer be updated, maintained or added. This is because i lost interest in Mario Royale and i don't care for the game anymore. So please keep that in mind if you for some reason want to download the mods here.

Mario Royale Mods

If you want your mod added, you can e-mail me or DM me on Discord. You can find my discordtag on my about page.

Since PolarManne's site is no longer being maintained and all of the mods use the outdated skin format, i decided to make my own site! :D

All of the mods were sourced from either PolarManne's site or the awesome Mario Royale discord's modding section. So all of the mods were not created by me, unless otherwise stated.

The files linked below are .json files to be used with the Redirector extension. You can check out this tutorial if you want to know how to apply the .json files.

The .json files are for marioroyale.cyuubi.gq so if you want to mod a different server, you will need to edit all instances of marioroyale.cyuubi.gq to whatever domain you will be using the mods on.

If the sound effects do not work, try this extension or an equivalent extension. It might break other sites, so be sure to turn it off once you're done playing Mario Royale.

Alternatively, you can edit the redirect to have "https://api.allorigins.win/raw?url=" before the link to the sound files. Example can be found here. If it doesn't work, you can try the extension method.

Super Mario

 Super Mario Bros. 2
 Super Mario Bros. 3
 Super Mario All-Stars
 Super Mario Land 2
 Super Mario World 2
 Super Mario Maker 2


 Black Mario
 Builder Mario
 Shadow Mario