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my 3d movie maker stuff

recently, i've made some movies in microsoft 3d movie maker (with some mods) and decided to share them here.

to properly watch the movies, you need to have these installed:

all of these can be found here on

finished stuff

yoshi vs legokid (06/02/2019 - 06/13/2019)

this is my first real finished movie. the movie has me fighting legokid (the baby) and it basically started from a shitshow on discord between me and a real user named legokid (we're cool now). i'm planning to make a sequel to this pretty soon.

download (requires v3dmm)

murder mystery (05/15/2019)

the movie that kind of started my recent movie making phase. the plot is that private detective hugh jass is investigating a recent assassination on some guy. and that's all there's to it honestly. i wanted to make it longer or at least make a part 2 but that never happened.

download (requires v3dmm) (earlier version that doesn't require v3dmm here)

scrapped stinkers

ren looks for stimpy (9/28/2018)

this movie is from before i even knew how to properly use 3dmm. this is a real stinker with the first scene taking forever to finish. don't watch unless you want to waste your time.


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