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the randomness pack (old)

warning: this pack will not work today as it has not received a update since it's initial release in 2016.


this is my very first pack ever, made in september 2016. i was mostly doing whatever and replacing random assets with new ones (hence the name being the randomness pack). i posted the pack on ttrforums and the response was... ok.

not a ton of fanfare, obviously, but some people thought it was good enough for my first project, since not a lot of people can do their best the first time around.

so yeah, the only reason i put this here is to archive my internet legacy (you know, because it's not like i already do that or anything). enjoy looking through the textures.

if you're curious about how the pack looked like, i made a demo video showcasing some of the stuff i've changed.

also, a quick sidenote: i was looking through the decompiled files and found a ton of old leftovers as well as 2016 stuff, so i guess you can say i'm also uploading old ttr assets..?

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